Thursday, July 28, 2011

Newlywed Excursion

Does that say, "Graveyard Ridge Trail", since you nearly die hiking it? 

The man doing some creek crossing checks before giving me the go-ahead to follow. I felt like I was with someone who lived in the wilderness and knew exactly what to check for along the trail. Male instincts? 

Of course, it's only 10pm, muggy/hot, and way beyond any idea of a 3-mile hike we could have ever envisioned making with huge packs on our backs. A kodak moment if you ask me. We surprisingly really are as happy as we look, despite the trudge and climb that kicked our butts on the trail. It took nearly 4 hours to reach our site. I romanticized the whole adventure anyway and took my mind off how hard it really was. At the last creek crossing I finally told Andrew...who was taken-back at the thought and chuckled. .."really,romantic?" Yes! When your man hoists you across the streams, guards you, protects you, and leads the charge...or takes out his man-knife there's a certain aspect of romance and charm not found in the movies. He laughed at me again. ;p 

This is where we were, right in the middle of the Smoky Mountains, somewhere. It's called "32", but it truly is carved out of the middle of the forest. Trees,wildlife(did I mention we saw a bobcat, bear, bear cubs,and a rattlesnake yet?), and lots of water streams. Each crossing held it's own charming beauty, with amazing sounds and character.

The boots after our long hike... look tired?

The day after. What says ahhh better than coffee at campside and to prove  to all your friends  to yourself it was worth it? 

Admittedly, this whole backcountry excursion was my idea. The waterfalls, the drive, hiking,wildlife sightings, and sounds you never hear at home made it an amazing get-away. Who knew these amazing mountains would be so breathtaking. Sad to say I always considered it something for a tourist in the south..not so! We have big better plans to prepare for our next trip. 
Lookout Smokies, we have just gotten warmed up!

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Natalie said...

WOAH! Bears! Yikes! So glad y'all had such a great time!


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