Thursday, April 7, 2011

DIY wedding.

My wedding dress is finally complete, tailored several sizes from it's original. I learned a new word,
 bustle: is a type of framework used to expand the fullness or support the drapery of the back of a woman's dress, occurring predominantly in the ...
Not only a new word, but with that new knowledge brought the dilemma, two kinds of bustles,French and English. I chose the English style.They're both a simple and stylish way of arriving at the reception without the hassle of dragging.the..."train? no that's a bustle dahling,there's no more train." I found some vintage glad we don't wear these anymore! 

More exciting plans for the DIY wedding, how does cotton white and green homemade mints sound? Perhaps in the shape of flowers? That was the question my future grandmother-in-law (in-love)asked this week. She is precious. My fiance's mom and their family have a scrapbook store in the quaint town of
Glasgow,KY.It's the kind of place you spend hours in perusing papers,prints,textures,themes...

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