Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dinner & DIY

The man meal. 
 Garlic,onion & blue cheese (per my) burger with onion buns. He doesn't like blue cheese. Finally, aside from my contribution of a Caesar salad and sweet potato fries, the large jar of ice water. The first night of spring break couldn't have been any better. 

Aside from this treat, alot of the DIY wedding plans have come together. Picking a new color for bridesmaid dresses, securing an amazing caterer, florist, and ribbon colors, all in a days work. AND, talked with the musicians, of which are great friends of mine. In fact, all my wedding details are covered by the most wonderful friends in the world! Thankfulness, emotions of excitement, and contentment are settling in close around my heart these days. 

(mom & her two best friends; my cousins Susan and Lynn)

After planning flower arrangements,etc. I went for a run at my favorite place, Jemison Trail in Mt.Brook. I've been running there for ten years, and every time I enjoy the scenery more. As I envisioned my wedding day, family, friends, and the covenant we're embarking towards it dawned on me. My mom was absent, not present, missing, quiet, and not available. Nothing like I remember her. I stopped and had a cry and moment of surrender to the Lord, watching the sun sparkle across this creek. It kept me there until I felt the Lord's still and soft voice whisper peace into my heart, assuring me He was present, available, speaking, and comforting my soul. Emotions are designed to give Him glory, reminding us that life is fleeting, that we're strangers and pilgrims on this journey, partnered to Christ. Even though my dear mom is peacefully absent, the Lord, the Great Comforter, Peacemaker, Healer,Friend and Father will be there and will always be here. 

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