Friday, July 30, 2010


I would have brought this boy home with me if I knew I could've passed through security. He's 3 years old and ran around with his bow legs everywhere. Several times he jumped in my lap, cuddled with me and acted like we were family while he spoke French like I understood every word. Full of energy and a complete firecracker. I love this kid.

Art Class in Haiti
Tuesday I taught an art class with the older group: Yolby, Jenniflor, Roberson, Stevenson, Michael, Magdaline, and a few others. They made tropical pastel birds and a Picasso face. If it weren't for the screened-in dining hall, the pictures would've looked nice on display for more than one day. It rained and they all looked wilty. Sad. They had fun and I hope we can do it again.

It was hot as ever at some points during the day, ok, all day, but you forget about it when you look around at the kids and realize a little sweat won't kill you. I slept in a mosquito net for the first time and relied heavily upon a battery operated hand-held fan. For those of you who may ever need one, you can HAVE mine, those puny little AA batteries die after four hours. Go for the D battery operated fan, even it's not hand-held, trust me. Besides the 20 dogs barking, yes 20, they live there and supposedly protect the place. They never bother you or even make a noise until everyone is asleep. How lovely. After the second night I was ready to stay awhile, so adjusting didn't take long. Only one day without running water, and that didn't slow us down either. They just loaded up the truck with 100 gallon barrels and hit the water stop in town for clean water. Haul about 10 of those back to campus and life back to normal, at least their version. The kids are so happy and get along together, it made think alot about my own attitude. One verse I kept repeating was one from a devotional I'm working through, it's from John 15, "abide in Christ". When my thoughts began to wonder or loose sight, I would meditate on that verse. There's so much to share, from laughing, to watching a huge storm loom and move over a mountain, to witnessing the heart and mercy of God across the ocean in Haiti, and friendships that begun. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement!

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