Saturday, July 24, 2010

MIddleton Place

Just this past week I decided, somewhat last minute, meaning there was no plan, to head back up to Charleston,SC for a few days before summer finally comes to a close. I SO GLAD I did. Not only was the beach at Sullivan's Island (well, it was still unbearably hot), but the nights at the beach are amazing. The lighthouse and bright moon against the sand,the never ending horizon line...could it get any better? Another place I visited was Middleton Place, a historic estate/gardens/waters surrounding the Victorian Era, only my favorite time period. And, the landscape architect was from France, much of the design in the estate was French. When can I move in? There were sheep, hens, geese, and other wild animals, just hanging out. Just you look, here are a few that decided to pose for the camera during our walk.

And of course my own personal tour guide while in Charleston. 

This week the Today Show announced Charleston,SC as the best place to vacation in the southeast. Just pick from three to four of the islands surrounding Charleston and you have a little dreamscape! I chose Sullivan's Island, because my sister lives there. We may not ever let her leave!

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