Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First Antique Purchase

The Flower Chair

I know how hideous this chair looks, but all I could think when I saw it was, that looks like a painting! I loved it, and bought it for $100 about 4 years ago! It does have an ottoman, that looks exactly like the chair. It was the first and only furniture purchase I've had to make as an adult. I'm serious! God has generously provided everything I need, from a desk with a roll top cover, bedroom suite, guest bedroom furniture, couches, tables, and dishes. Almost my whole house is furnished with hand-me-downs, to which I love, being the youngest of two sisters, it was inevitable that I'd be receiving everything second-hand. There are couple dear friends who have contributed as well. THANK YOU! Anyway, the chair, it's bright and colorful, too colorful? Yes, and now it's time to cover it with something more appropriate, like a neutral color toile, or stripes. Let the paintings be paintings, and besides, this chair can't go just anywhere, and everything else around it needs to be CALM. My goal this summer is to have this Monet style chair covered, any suggestions? Have I mentioned how much I love toile? Well, I do, it's like all I can think about when I look at fabric, even if it's not in the mix, I at least HAVE to look at what's on display. 
I'm thinking something like:

 Jamestown OR Jane Blue 

Ok, the floor is open for
feedback, D.I.Y.'s,
and or more ideas. 

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