Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Down the Street

Interfaith Hospitality House (Family Homeless Shelter)
So I live near the 'hood', so. If you drive directly out of my area of the neighbor, or wait, any area of the neighborhood, due south, you might feel lost,scared, and think about how to run the red lights. The Interfaith Home is the only homeless shelter that keeps the families together. It's recent facelift to the facility also gives it more space. Before this, six families at ONE time would live in a two-story home off of 1st Avenue North. Tonight I'm teaming up with a few others to bring them dinner. Our church does this every Tuesday night. I LOVE spending time with these people, they're just like you and me. They're stories are amazing. They often visit with us at church, which is an even sweeter feeling. Shouldn't it always look this way? Sunday night a young boy visiting with us at church picks up a basketball (we meet in a gym-we're not ghetto) and starts staring at me and bouncing the ball with seriousness saying "OH YEAH, LEBRON JAMES", turns and shoots from well over a 3pt. mark, and MAKES IT! I just look around like, did that just happen. 
This 4ft. kid just showed out and has the swish to prove it. 
I'm in charge of the desserts so I'm bringing the only thing that my co-hearts at the inner city school where I teach say is "good for a white thang". And then go on to tell me how "black folk don't eat like you white people". So, it's Buttermilk Pie tonight and vanilla ice cream, I hope they go for it and not secretly be thinkin... "that's white girl thang". .cuz it probably is. 

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