Saturday, May 22, 2010


Memoir: A Few of My Peeps

He'ssneaky ..theirtwins

"A" student  and she'strouble

Occasionally we use art class as recess. I have this class of 3rd graders and half of 4th grade for an HOUR at the end of the day. This is after SIX middle school classes, typically of 24 or more kids. So when I presented this problem to my coordinator downtown, he suggested splitting up the time. And there you have it, Art-cess. These kids would paint like Picasso if it meant they'd have more time to play outside. Not that there's a playground, but they can run, scream, push, pull, and jump around freely. Most of the time they play "Duck Duck Goose" and if you can't get back to your spot you go the "Stanky Pot". They love to play but if the sun's out they dart for any corner of shade or under the tree. My black hair on my head gets hot fast, I know they do too! 

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