Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brief Interruption

If you can call it that. I'm sure you're not that excited about Day 2 and Day 1 picture, but no doubt it's coming. Just a brief interruption to share my day from school. Today was a day at school like so many, except, for some reason surprising. First of all, I barely made it to the "hand print clock-in" machine. Yes, I said hand-print. You have to place your WHOLE hand on a machine and type your ID number to clock in at my school. Anyway, before 9am I find myself on the other side of a very upset teacher, large teacher, and a student who is about 5'9, arguing about what he had just said to her 6th grade student. He said she looked like she'd been standing in front of a "center fan". He clarified to me that there's huge fans at the community center in the projects. She calls him to go the principal and he's saying to her, "get out my way dog, nah man, get out my way dog". She replies, "I dunna think you know who you talkin to!". Ok, my heart rate is elevated. Everything calmed down eventually but there was a tension I didn't like witnessing between student and teacher. Wait, it's almost lunch time, a brawl in the gym between two 6th grade boys, they're cousins. Oh, on the way back from the gym, a boy in the office holding his nose, with blood all over his shirt. Apparently there's a 16 year old boy in the 7th grade and he decided to punch this little guy in nose. All that to say, several students are disappearing from class because they're getting in trouble, which equals suspension. Phrases that are left rattling in my head are, " nahhh, you are, your mamma is!", "shutup talkin to me", "don't make me slap you", "gimme my pencil girrr".

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