Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving with Sisters

There are several reason why I LOVE visiting my sister and her family in Georgia. To start, this sweet face squeezing his eyelids tight when we tell him to "smile."

Another reason would be these three other kids, Jacob, Lilly, and Johnny are always so much fun ! When they decide to do something fun, it's ALL or nothing. . . this leaf throwing,piling,throwing,piling, went on for awhile.

And finally, time with two of my bestfriends, my sisters Carrie & Jennifer. It's not so bad that my brother-in-law is awesome too. We spent time singing together, at least trying to harmonize, cooking, long sister doesn't get much better. Since our mom passed nearly six years ago we've grown close and have become creative in how to spend out time together during the holidays. We live in 3 different states, so our time together is always a treasure. I'm thankful for them and everything God teaches me in light of life's changes and new seasons.

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