Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stand By Me

This was a great to watch after spending the day with 3 of my best friends from high school. I know you can load these, but my Mac is being finicky at the moment. Someone Fwd: this to my email, and instead of deleting it, like I usually do..I watched it..! We all recently caught up, one by one, after randomly finding each other on, after 5,8, and 10 years if you don't know...Facebook. It's what you make of took me years to finally create an account, and now I'm glad I did. Several cousins and most extended family... have all "befriended" one another on FB. It's been a great tool for staying connected amidst the busy days. Especially with extended family.

Yesterday one of my friends gave me bulbs for a tropical flowering plant, a willow tree (starter), tomatoes and a gift bag with several lotions and soaps ! Friendship is a precious gift from God. I'm thankful for Christ's continued work in my heart and ever growing fruit of His Spirit. I had the best time catching up with each of them, and especially seeing their beautiful kids. Not to mention, I delivered a few paintings as well, only after a delicious breakfast at Cracker Barrell.
(***Elijah & Deputy*** bestfriends)

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