Saturday, August 15, 2009

Country Roads

This painting is acrylic and pastel, with alot of texture. I love the rides in the country with these quant little country churches. I marvel at those that are small, yet charming, and contemplate the people who attend on Sundays. Are they old, young families, or is it even full on Sundays? Tomorrow we'll have covenant membership at church, and I'm actually excited. The church is clearly more than a place or building. It's where we meet our God given kingdom family in our community. The place we lift our voices, witnessing one another praising the Lord, Christ on His throne. The church is where the sheep are gathered, we become known and loved, and envision our eternal future together. The covenant is a blessing, a 'shadow' of heaven. . . and we get to stand there, being made into the likeness of the Bright Morning Star, Jesus.

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