Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tag Team Back Again

This weekend is already charted out, complete with ..yes, an itinerary. Each morning will be filled with a fun 'blueberry people' muffins..and followed with games, picking fruits & veggies at the farm, pool time, and it wouldn't be complete without popcorn and movie night ! I'm such a proud aunt ! My sister Jenn and I will be tag teaming this "fabulous four" for the weekend while my other sister Carrie & her husband of now...14 YEARS ! go celebrate in the mountains of North Carolina.
Happy Anniversary sis! Baby Michael 18mo., John-john 4, Lilly-Kate 7, and Jacob 9
Carrie , Me, and Jenn (Charleston,SC 08')


Bryan said...

Where is your farm?

The deVilleneuves said...

Have a great weekend, AB! I was praying for your time with the fam this morning. I hope you have a great time and enjoy every minute of it!! The kids are blessed to be with you!!


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