Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Catahoula Leopard

Ok so ...can a dog become your "best friend?" It's been almost 6 months and this little guy has grown on me, so much so, that yes we are taking pictures ..together ! I love my dog. He has developed a personality, and finally housetrained...to some degree. We have reverted from the "no spank" method.. to ..well, he ate my t.v. remote, dragged my mini garden fence across the yard and last but not least...refused to stop jumping on my bed..so the quick spank came into play. It works! Does this bring to mind those people who say "having a dog is like having a kid"? Well, not really, but the 'good ole' fashion way of discipline seems to be working like a charm. I also bought a "clicker", which has proven a success to drive Elijah up the wall when he's doing something against the rules, ie. getting on furniture. We've began taking runs together, poor little guy doesn't last long, but it makes for good laughs when he plunges into the creek off of Jemison Trail. One of my favorite places in Birmingham...sweet home Alabama.


Mama Matteo said...

i love your cute doggie and glad yall are having fun together

Mike and Carrie, Jacob, Lilly, John and Michael jr. said...

Love this pic!! Home Sweet Home!!
We love you sis!


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