Saturday, June 7, 2008

Yard Sale

A Material Bliss
Yard Sales are so fun. Crystal (my roommate)and I set up at 6:15am expecting a crowd to show up early. To our suprise, customers didn't start rolling in until 7am, and later. When you sell things that you've held on to for no real reason, you realize, these are the things that "will collect rust,dust, and take up space" like a treasure. As simplicity comes to mind there is conviction that settles all around my heart. Stuff, stuff, and more stuff. Does Samford & Son still come on T/V. ? All I can think is how much junk they lived with and all around them, the irony is, it was a business. American society is a culture that makes hording a subtle thing, it is easy to miss. I hope this junk sells today! The variety of treasure hunters ranger from socks with sandals, families, moms, couples, and the very best, :wheelers&dealers. "will you take $3?for it" . The only response that makes sense-$3.50 and it's yours.

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