Friday, February 1, 2008

the projects

i have discovered God's abundance of grace and mercy. it's who He is. learning to love the unlovable..and be loved as so. this "project" began generations ago, and now the benefits seem to be lacking at most. the children i teach are benefactors. " i teach in the inner city", is what i tell everyone. i have so much building up in my heart each time i share that, i almost stumble at answering before anyone asks, "how is that?" or "what is that like?". my response is humbling, in that my whole source of comfort and strength is in God's Sovereign grace over my life. for the past few months i have trembled at the wickedness, and then cried at the brokenness, from day to day i witness so much of both. God's character becomes more evident as i see my own response to what He's ordained. i cling to the kindness and compassion of His heart in hope that i may be able to express that in my own life. perhaps overflow in Christ's power. how long will i try in my strength? i am pressed and challenged everyday to look at my failures and rely on God's wisdom. i am bombarded with beautiful kids, unfortunate circumstances, and broken homes all day. how do i love them well and make a difference in their lives, teach them to be great artists? i ask myself this question everyday. i love this school, because of Jesus, i can teach there. they're just kids! i say, as i leave each day. "For even the Son of God did not come to be served, but serve, and give His life for many." Mark 10:45 He is my all in all.

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amy v said...

what a blessing you are! i think even in sharing your thoughts, you are ministering. thanks for, amy


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