Thursday, February 14, 2008

ok. so who knew that Saint Valentine is historically a martyr? well, die for Christ namesake to have a day was probably not ever considered, especially one that celebrates love for each other. ok, so i digress. i spent the day decorating a gym, with hearts, twirling red ribbon, red paper. witnessing the kids at school being honored and famililes coming together to watch as well. being one of three "white" teachers at my school, i'm always intrigued at the cultural references, diversity, and norms at this community school. we are beside several project housing communities. my heart goes out to these kids. before the young girls were going to go on stage, they prayed the Lord's Prayer. just precious. i see hope ahead for them, i hope they see it too. Christ power rests on me in my weaknesses, may it be used for His will.

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